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Key Drivers of the

Need for Investment

Private Sector

Needs to be restructured to face the new challenges arising form the implementation of the National Health System

Public Sector

Implementation of the National Health System requires the public hospitals to become self-sufficient (become profitable operations)

Chronic Diseases

Rise in chronic diseases driven healthcare expenditure to increase. At the same time delivery models should be restructured to meet the increased demand

Ageing Population

Life expectancy keeps on rising causing increase burden on healthcare expenditure

Medical Tourism Potential

A platform for use by local and foreign doctors to deliver care to international patients

Rapid growth of Medical Schools on the Island

Become an academic and training center

Innovation & Research Capabilities

Clinical trials innovation gateway for Europe

Utilisation of Technology

Adoption of technology advancements through the transition

Principal Investment


At the forefront of a tech boom and as the industry moves away from fee-for service to a value based care model, we believe true partnerships are the future to develop cost effective delivery network. Curis Investments is a pipeline of existing and targeted strategic investments beneficial to all stakeholders.


In designing this network, we considered the volatility of the sector, technological advances, demographics and public health trends for deploying a network attractive to investors.

Events that can lead to opportunities include:

  • Corporate restructurings
  • Absence or deficiency of clinical services
  • Increase in market demands
  • Potential for international expansion
  • Technology, research and innovation

Steps to alliance success:

  • Align goals, vision and strategy
  • Ensure quality and continuum of care
  • Commit an adequate amount of resources and funds to the transformation
  • Optimizing risk Vs value return equation
  • Research, observe and compare market performance
  • Know how and experience of management

Investment Philosophy:

  • Develop a comprehensive network of health and wellness services
  • Add value through restructuring delivery of existing resources
  • Use of yield to carry to tax free capital gains
  • Seek to exit via
    • Selling to an insurance company
    • Listing
    • Piecemeal sales
    • Listing

The Timeline